Egg Head

March 31, 2012
We used to have this game for the OG Nintendo, Dizzy. It was another one of my Dad’s amazing Shopping Network purchases. Dizzy was an egg and the point of the game was to rescue his girlfriend, Daisy (also an egg), from an evil wizard. Dizzy had to collect objects as well as 100 stars. Since Dizzy was a walking hard boiled egg, he was naturally exposed to evils that would crack his shell like falling and running into spiders. He also needed some fancy swim gear in order to go under water. Dizzy was addicting. after all wiki knowledge calls it the “NES Adventure Game of the Year 1991′ by Game Players Magazine”.

Sometimes when I am looking through a carton of eggs at the grocery store, I think of Dizzy’s adventure and the charming music that would play in the background. (it should be w/Mario Brothers on the NES greatest hits soundtrack). Just like with Dizzy, I have become convinced lately that eggs have other uses than eating. (The incredible, wearable egg). Lately, my hair has been an unattractive mix of greasy and dry. Greasy on the top, dry on the bottom my hair is much like a mullet of shame. I have always turned to home remedies when it comes to hair and skin. Why is it we pay so much for products at the store that have “all natural ingredients”? Why just not buy said ingredients and make up your own customized product at a fraction of the price? When I was in high school, I had the “Rachel” complete with blonde highlights made fresh from sun-in and hair bleach. (Hello frosted tips). While I made a pretty good looking blonde, after a while my hair began to have the consistency of a straw hat. It was broken and brittle at the end with very little shine. The best solution for this problem came straight from my original hipster Dad’s Pabst Blue Ribbon stash in the basement. I would open a can of PBR and let it sit until it was pretty flat. (Maybe a little sip test along the way..). Then I would pour the beer on my head in the shower and shampoo as usual. The result: shiny Rachel tresses..and eventually going back to my natural brown. Since my hair has had the greasy texture to it lately, I wanted a similar remedy. I found an article on Women’s Day that had some great ideas for items around the house as hair/skin treatments. I found the egg to be the best solution form my problem. The white part treats the grease while the yoke coats dry tresses with moisture. With the information from the article, I came up with my own little egg hair treatment. It really helped absorb the moisture around my scalp and my ends were much less brittle. Here is my little egg-cellent (couldn’t resist) home hair remedy. If you only have one of the problems..don’t use the whole egg. Whites for oily, yokes for dry.


2 hair is thick
Separate egg whites and yoke
rub mixture into hair as needed
Wait 20 mins..
careful not to break any glasses!

Moving on

September 14, 2011

What a long day!! I went to work, dropped Layla off at art then went to back to back orientation for the girls. It was awesome to meet the girls teachers, sit at their desks and of course catch up on the latest in Mom gossip. 

After all that, I apologize for my short but sweet post. I want to share some plans and thoughts with everyone. This pursuit experience has been so positive that is becoming clear to me where my path should go. I may now be on the pursuit to a couple different things that involve writing and of course being creative. One thing I want to do is another blog. In addition to writing about my personal experiences, I would like to do something on shopping and style. It is one of the reasons I started doing the Lucky articles. Hopefully I can get something together in the next few months. Feel free to toss me some feed back or ideas…I always appreciate it. 
Dont worry..I will still be on the pursuit of myself and I still have many stories to tell and hope to one day put together a book. I am just getting started…

Basement of Doom

July 7, 2011

There is no new post yesterday because I got into a five hour HGTV trance. I watched couple after couple look through new…and pricey homes. They would look at bathrooms and master bedrooms and decide if it were up to their satisfaction…as they were looking to spend almost a half million dollars on a home. There was a couple who settled on a lovely farm house out side of Milwaukee and another couple who went into a bidding war over a bungalow in Toronto. My favorite..of course..was the estate bought in Fiji for almost 2 million.

Then I ask Josh..again…about the stink that always accompanies the air being turned on. We have a large basement project ahead of us..but I figured some animal had crawled into the air conditioner and died a slow death and was now decomposing…but being preserved by air coils.

There is an old mattress in the basement that is getting nasty and moldy. So we decided to get it to the curb since today is trash day. apparently…the connection from the kitchen sink the main drain is now clogged. (hence smell) and there was backed up food in the basement drain. awesome. and now a large community of fruit flies and really did i mention the smell.  I had to run to Wal-mart (because all crisis happen after the safer, cleaner, Target is closed) $65 later I am armed with bug foggers, masks, gloves, bug killer, air freshener, mold and mildew cleaner, and dampness removal crystals.

I thought about those HGTV people in their 400k and 2 mil houses and wondered if they will face such challenges after the cameras are off and they have been in these houses for a few years. Does the 700K old farm house tend to get damp basements in the spring? Does the island paradise of Fiji get a funk after a fall rain storm?

Being a homeowner is trying and expensive..apply all Murphy’s laws and hope like hell you don’t get sewer bugs in your basement.