True Love

February 15, 2013
Love is a sweet tender kiss on a rainy afternoon keeping warm with a crackling fire and inevitable intimacy. Love is popping the zit on your life mate’s back because he just cant quite get the leverage to do it himself. Love is dancing together in total sync as if the melody is carrying your bodies as one and nothing or no one else exists anywhere around you. Love is getting gas in your wife’s car even when you know she may be exaggerating when she says the gas light “just came on”. Love is fighting for your relationship trying everyday to be a bit understanding and patient. Love is not an adolescent notion, or something just old people do. Love is well….I don’t even know. If you really want the answer, ask a romantic. I am about as romantic as a fat guy with a beer gut scratching his balls watching football on his anniversary. Romance is such a mystery to me. Why are we so turned on by candy and flowers? I imagine waiting too long for an overpriced dinner and a glass of pretentious wine wearing sparkly new diamond earrings while finally jumping on the table to yell “he went to JARED”. Ok. Maybe I am a cynic. To me love is finding an amazing pair of shoes on clearance. And not everyday boat shoes, or flat boots…no…love is finding this dazzling red heels that make your legs look like a fashion model and your outfit look like you stepped right off the set of Sex in the City. Now that is love. Anniversaries and Valentines Day are for celebrating the one person you have chosen to spend every day with, for all eternity. I can’t imagine wearing the same pair of shoes for the rest of my life. Shoe are not monogamous relationships. They don’t care if you cheat. Shoes don’t come up to you the next morning and ask where you were sticking your feet last night while they sat there waiting by the back door. Shoes really don’t expect much for you as far as commitment. One can have hundreds of pairs of shoes and love each one as if it was your first. Maybe that is what Madonna meant when she sang “like a Virgin.” It is just an ode to shoes; every pair makes you feel so shiny and new. It isn’t far fetched, after all, we are living in a material world. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore my husband. He has given me two amazing children and ten blissful years of marriage. We still hold hands and we still say, “I love you” every time get off the phone with each other. It is just reassuring after spending over ten years with the same person that I can freely change my shoes whenever I want. To celebrate, I bought my self four pairs of shoes. Happy Hearts Day to all…may you find eternal love with the shoes to match.

Happy ❤❤ to me



I dedicate this post to my Mom. She set an example of the gives and takes of a great marriage. She also bought me a pair of boots for Christmas that were too small. After almost two months of sitting in my car, they were finally exchanged. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in the boots, but they were having a sale. So i replaced them with four pairs of great pumps in the best neutrals, black, red and leopard print.

Night Out

April 3, 2012
Am I the only one who struggles to find a fabulous outfit anytime there is a night out involved? There is this pressure to find the perfect outfit…something that doesn’t look like I am trying too hard mixed with something that stands out. Saturday night was a girl’s night out.complete with dinner and dancing. As a woman in her thirties, I can honestly say that I don’t even know the last time I had been “clubbing”. I was at Target that afternoon trying to imagine the perfect Saturday night outfit…high heels, sleek black shirt, a great pop of color, some sort of sparkle. I am pretty sure Saturday night clubbing involves a certain amount of glitter mixed with the right pair of super sexy hooker heels. (aka any heel higher than 4 inches). Of course I did the five-hour stare at my closet hoping the perfect outfit would just jump out at me. Then, while at Target, Saturday night outfit desperation took all over all ability to resist shopping temptation. First, my goal was to find a pair of red jeans to match a paisley blouse. Then there was a distraction by a pair of teal jeans…then there was one shirt to go with the teal jeans, followed by three more. Before I knew it, I was holding the number six in the dressing room with a guilty look on my face like a dog sitting next to a torn apart trash can. I hastily pulled on the jeans (too tight) then the first blouse (sleeves too piratey)..Then in a whirlwind of stripes and prints, I had made it through all six items without a hint of success. I was Goldilocks and the three shirts…too tight..too loose..but none just right. And then I had a moment of clarity. Magenta dress…black button leggings….paired with heels only reserved for Saturday nights…statement blazer. I hung the items up on the rack and passed back the number six. Maybe it was grabbing the garments and taking them to the room before I had a moment to realize I had all the tools for the perfect outfit. I went home and grabbed the dress.spinning it around and hugging it to my body. With the perfect swoon of eighties triumph, I gazed at it and sung with my best Steve Perry voice..”the search is were with me all the while”. True story. Yes, I have issues.

DSC_1962.jpg DSC_1960.jpg
DSC_1959.jpg DSC_1958.jpg

Dress: Express
Jacket: Ann Taylor (Via Gabriel Brothers)
Leggings: Gabriel Brothers
Necklace: J.Crew (Via Ebay)
Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Chinese Laundry (Via Macys)

The Top 8

March 27, 2012
Since I can’t shop for some of my favorite things like clothes and shoes..I decided to give my blog a little make over. I am completely obsessed with Etsy lately. What great way for creative and crafty people to get their products out there. Looking for some great antique jewelery? a hand crochet baby hat? how about some blog goodies…Etsy has it all!! I found this amazing new design from Whimsical Blogs . I was looking for something simple that involved a bird. I think my blog is growing up!! Guess that is what happens when you near your first birthday….
As am looking down the last ten days of my no shopping pledge..(minus some a weak moment involving shoes…) I can’t help but to wonder what exactly I should get first. Do I get a practical item like a new bra? or something fun like a pair of tribal wedges? I have a running list of what is going to be my first purchase. Here are my top 8 items. I think the bird dress must make a nest in my closet. I can say one thing…I am ready for some color soon. I can’t get enough bold hues like a pink blazer or a bright purse.

3 She in side  7 H&M
4 Seychelles 8 Wacoal

Going Green

March 17, 2012
Still looking for a great St.Patty’s day outfit? Or, are you like me and can’t get enough green this season? I love how a green blazer looks over a black and white striped T. A green shirt dress is a nice twist on an office staple. I am obsessed with these cute green and white wedges. Not feeling the luck o’ the Irish? Try a fun accessory like sunglasses or a necklace. Unsure of what to pair green with? Try this skirt from Kohls with a navy T-shirt for a fun color block look. I love color in my wardrobe..and this spring it seems to be everywhere!! Have a great St.Patty’s day. Cheers to a Guiness and a Ruben!!!


Fool In the Rain

“I’ll run in the rain till I’m breathless
When I’m breathless I’ll run till I drop, hey
The thoughts of a fool’s kind of careless.
I’m just a fool waiting on the wrong block” Led Zeppelin

Remember fat Tuesday? The day you splurged on the thing you were giving up for forty days. Us good little Catholics…now craving cheese or cookies or sweets or beer…or in my case…shopping. I have not purchased as much as a pair of earrings since fat Tuesday. (truthiness font..) If you were wondering what a shop-a-holic like me buys the last day of shopping…here it is- My beautiful pale peach MM Couture tunic from Piperlime. I had this shirt in my Piperlime cart for over six months. It was a little pricey for my usual thrifty budget. But for forty days, I deserved something good. So I used my Tuesday Gap cardholder special of 10% off and my ten-dollar rewards coupon and had a little Mardi-Gras-shopping good time. I haven’t worn it yet for an outfit pic. I imagine wearing this top with my favorite pair of cutoff jean shorts and these amazing Seychelles I can’t wait until after Easter to buy. I braided my hair to the side today and opted for some dainty earrings instead of my huge statement necklace. I have been doing pretty well not buying myself anything (well there was this moment of desperation and an Urban Outfitters coupon…but no one is perfect…).






Shirt: MM Couture (via Piperlime)
Pants/Ring: The Limited
Shoes/Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Umbrella: Totes (via Target)

At four years old, I wondered if Olivia was too young to have her ears pierced. As a mother to two daughters, it is not hard to get caught up in the glamour that is tiny holes in your baby’s ear. Do you get them done when they are infants? For some it seems like torture to a baby…but it is also better since they will barely remember it. You could wait until they are in middle school or even older and assume they will be mature enough to handle the turning and cleaning associated with getting your ears pierced. It is hard to pin down the “perfect” time to have a child’s ears pierced. Of course “experts” will tell you that it depends on the child. If your child has a higher tolerance to pain and is particular about doing activities each day like brushing their teeth or taking a bath (who are these strange children?), then they will be better with the ear piercing. I guess the best time is to wait until they are actually asking for earrings…why put holes in kid’s ears that really don’t care. (the not so girly girls). 
Layla was around six when she wanted her ears done. Liv was four and wanted anything Layla had so we decided to get them both done at the same time. Probably not my wisest of parenting decisions as earrings became the thorn in our sides for the next two years..(yes..two years). It started with the cleaning….”Don’t touch my ears!!!!” They would both wail. Then there was the changing of earrings…”Don’t touch my ears!!!” And of course the dreaded soccer umpire who would make them take the earrings out before each game. “Don’t touch my ears!!!” Their voices would reach a special high octave that I never knew possible. There was the fear of taking the earrings out, the fear of bumping the ears while brushing their hair the resistance to winter hats and ear muffs and of course the fear of putting any sort of medicine on the ears. “Don’t touch my ear!!” Liv’s ears would grow this nasty gel-like stuff that looked like rubber cement…it would crust behind her ear to the point where the ear became glued to her head. Another great use for A&D lotion…ungluing a child’s infected ear lobe from the side of their head. We were at the beach one day. Layla had gained enough courage to let us change the earring four times and Liv would not let us near the earring. Once I chased her around the house to clean the glue between her ear and head…when I finally caught her she peed herself while screaming..(you guessed it)..”Don’t touch my ears!!!” Liv had been swimming all morning and playing in the sand. As she was digging a hole in the ground and running back and forth to fill the hole with water, I looked at her ear. One of the earrings was missing. “Liv, your ear!” I said. She cupped her hand over one ear…and her face twisted into a scream as she realized there was no more earring. I was going to convince her to let me use a filler earring until I realized the only earrings I had with me were the large dangly kind that I like so much. I had no choice but to wait until we got back four days later and try to jam another earring in. There was no way Olivia would let me do that. Our argument of whether we would put in another earring or take the other one out and let the holes close up all together came to a six month stalemate of Olivia wearing one tiny blue heart earring. I tried to get the earring out but she wouldn’t let me come close. “Don’t take it out!!!” She would yell as I neared her, cotton ball in hand. Finally, I did what any desperate mother whose kid had one infected ear would do, I waited until she was in a deep REM cycle sleep and took the earring out. It was few days before she even noticed…but she was not at all happy with my deceit.
Since then, she has been asking for a redo on the earrings. Layla had finally realized that Moms do know everything, and took my advice on cleaning and caring for her earrings. She now changes and cleans them with no assistance. I had promised Liv she could get her ears repierced when she turned six…then seven. I said they would be a birthday gift, then a Christmas gift, then a Valentines Day gift. I put off the inevitable ear repeircing for over a year…until Friday. Olivia is always in fierce competition with her three-year-old cousin. Perhaps it was four plus years of being the “baby” in the family until her cousin came along….or the idea that you have to bend a little and let someone else have her way…but Olivia’s rules are based on what her cousin Sammie is doing. Friday Sammie got her ears pierced. She had the little purple hearts in her tiny lobes that reminded me of the first time Liv got her ears pierced. Olivia went from wanting her ears repierced to demanding she get the ears done, like yesterday. So today, we went to the mall. “Where do you want to get them done?” I asked. “Where did Sammie get hers done?” She replied. “At the Piercing Pagoda.” I said. “That’s where I want to get mine done.” Three clenches of the fist, two holes and one pair of flower studs later, Liv has her ears repierced. Believe me, I know what the definition of insanity is. (doing the same thing over again and expecting different results….). But there is something so irresistibly adorable about earrings in little ears that make me forget all the pain. I guess that is what life is about…seeing the tiny diamond flowers in the sea of infection. Am I a fool? We will see.


Writing Prompt: Is there something you swore you would never do..But were somehow coaxed into doing? What was the thing that made you decide to go against your convictions? Do you regret the decision or are you glad you took the chance?

UPDATE: Liv was in the shower. I went in because I had a bad feeling about her thick hair and the earring. I was right. On had fallen out and there was blood running down her neck. I saved the earring from a life living among the clumps of hair hang out in our drain. I called our piercer who promised after a day or so it would be healed and we can go for round three on piercing. third time is a charm I guess…