Basement of Doom

July 7, 2011

There is no new post yesterday because I got into a five hour HGTV trance. I watched couple after couple look through new…and pricey homes. They would look at bathrooms and master bedrooms and decide if it were up to their satisfaction…as they were looking to spend almost a half million dollars on a home. There was a couple who settled on a lovely farm house out side of Milwaukee and another couple who went into a bidding war over a bungalow in Toronto. My favorite..of course..was the estate bought in Fiji for almost 2 million.

Then I ask Josh..again…about the stink that always accompanies the air being turned on. We have a large basement project ahead of us..but I figured some animal had crawled into the air conditioner and died a slow death and was now decomposing…but being preserved by air coils.

There is an old mattress in the basement that is getting nasty and moldy. So we decided to get it to the curb since today is trash day. apparently…the connection from the kitchen sink the main drain is now clogged. (hence smell) and there was backed up food in the basement drain. awesome. and now a large community of fruit flies and really did i mention the smell.  I had to run to Wal-mart (because all crisis happen after the safer, cleaner, Target is closed) $65 later I am armed with bug foggers, masks, gloves, bug killer, air freshener, mold and mildew cleaner, and dampness removal crystals.

I thought about those HGTV people in their 400k and 2 mil houses and wondered if they will face such challenges after the cameras are off and they have been in these houses for a few years. Does the 700K old farm house tend to get damp basements in the spring? Does the island paradise of Fiji get a funk after a fall rain storm?

Being a homeowner is trying and expensive..apply all Murphy’s laws and hope like hell you don’t get sewer bugs in your basement.

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